#1  Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:58 pm
Welcome to the Site Suggestion forum, this is the place where you help us make this a better community.

What should I post here?
Here you will post the ideas and thoughts you can come up with that you think will improve the forums and add something to our experience of browsing our boards

What should be included in my Site Suggestion?
A good suggestion should include the following:
    A clean and precise Topic Title and description explaining what your suggestion is about
    A clear and well explained information about your suggestion and how it would work
    Arguments of why this would be a great add to the site
    Screenshots / Pictures showing us showing this suggestion implemented on the site or linking to another site where they have something similar

Remember to post this topic as a Poll with one answer on each line.

Also before posting please look so there isn't a thread up with the same topic
A thread will be stickied later on with a list of suggestions that has already been discussed

Don't bump up your suggestion to often.

Enjoy browsing the boards!
You can contact me with any questions or issue you have regarding the boards
I'm usually around through the whole day but please allow up to 24 hours for a reply