#1  Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:12 am
Hey guys,

We're still working out a few kinks but we've got all the data moved over.

You can now log in to your MMOE account on Ogrr by following these instructions:

  1. Go here: https://ogrr.com/ucp.php?mode=migrate (ignore SSL cert warning).
  2. Origin site: MMOExchange.net

    Old username: Your MMOE username.
    1. Some MMOE users have a different login than display username. Use the secret login.
    Old password: Your MMOE password.

    Existing account: Are you an Ogrr member?
    1. Yes, if you have an Ogrr account that you'd like to merge your MMOE account with. You will be asked to provide your Ogrr username and password.
    2. No, if you don't have an Ogrr account, or if you do but don't want to merge your MMOE account with it. You will be asked to create an Ogrr account.
      • Check your email for a confirmation/activation link from Ogrr and follow that link.

      Note that you may not be able to retain your MMOE username. The possibilities for this are as follows:
      1. Your MMOE username is outside of bounds for what is allowed at Ogrr. The rules are alphanumeric only, at least 5 characters. That means A-Z, 0-9, no spaces or special characters.
      2. Your username is already in use by an Ogrr user.
      3. Your username was registered but is not in use. If you believe this to be the case, contact a mod and we'll try to give you rights to the name.
  3. Log in to Ogrr.

If you notice any problems with missing posts or private messages, please let us know immediately. As I said, we've still got a lot of kinks to work out but here's what we'll be working on over the next 24 hours:

  • Unhide all MMOE forums.
    Currently, all posts/threads/forums from MMOE are hidden, even from the authors.
  • Tie in user badges.
    Currently, MMOE user badges are not visible on the Ogrr account.
  • Regenerate search index to include MMOE posts.
    Currently, MMOE posts will not turn up in keyword searches.

If you're having difficulty, please submit a support request through the form on this page: https://support.maxbtc.com/anonymous_requests/new
Be sure to include your MMOE username in the comments.